The Horizon House Owner’s Forum (HHOF), hereafter “Owners’ Forum”, was formed to foster a vibrant Condominium Association that promotes harmony, a sense of community and responsible leadership. The characteristics of the community Association we seek to promote include:

• Owner confidence/trust in the Board of Managers & Property Management;
• Open, two-way communication between owners, the Board and Management;
• Uniform, flexible and reasonable enforcement of governing documents;
• Inclusiveness—the involvement of as many residents of the community as
possible, and as practical, in the formulation of policies, rules and
major financial decisions affecting the Association.

Areas of Focus

• Policies & Rules;
• Financial Management;
• Building Maintenance & Management;
• Community Engagement (ASCO, 48th Ward, Park District, etc.).

Operational Approach

The Horizon House Owners’ Forum is meant to be an open organization working constructively to strengthen owner investments in this property, to improve resident quality of life and to promote the responsible governance of our Association. Toward this end, the Forum will assist its members in examining important property management and governance issues and in generating and articulating alternative proposals to resolve issues for the benefit of all owners.

The Forum, whose membership represents more than twenty percent (20%) of the votes of the Association, will only exercise its statutory right (under ICPA) to petition the Board of Managers for special meetings and membership votes to consider matters of critical concern to members.

These could include:
• The adoption of rules of the Association;
• Appointments to fill vacancies on the Board of Managers;
• Contracts to companies in which board members have a 25% interest;
• Board actions that impact Association’s finances and owner assessments.

Please Note: All Forum members are free to choose, on an issue-by-issue basis, which of our activities or positions they will endorse.

Current Initiatives

1. Facade Project Review
Owner review of facade project contracts and change orders to determine why
the project cost the Association $717,638 more than estimated
at project initiation.

2. Needed 2013 Election & Appointment Reforms
Owner review of the 2012 Horizon House Board election and appointment
process and the compilation of needed reforms to ensure compliance with
the Illinois Condominium Property Act and the Association’s Declaration
and Bylaws.

3. Ongoing Efforts to Open Board Committees to Owners
Continuing efforts to encourage the current board to fulfill their 2012
election promise to allow all interested owners to participate on Board
committees. To this date, many owner requests for participation on Associations
committees (Rules, Lobby Design, Entertainment, Landscaping, etc.) have been
politely declined by the board.

4. Building Safety & Emergency Operations Initiative
Given the very unfortunate flood in the A-Tier on January 26th, the Owners’ Forum
is encouraging all owners to petition the Board of Managers for immediate action to
address the inadequacies in the building’s emergency operations procedures and
documentation and the critical need for emergency preparedness and response training for all Horizon House employees.

Forum Meetings & Owner Affiliation


HHFO meetings will be held one week prior to any scheduled board meeting and as necessary thereafter to advance membership initiatives. All meetings will be kept under 90-minutes and run in a collaborative manner with written agendas and minutes. Member attendance at meetings is encouraged but not required.

Owner Affiliation

Horizon House owners interested in becoming members of the Forum need only indicate that in an email providing the owner’s name, email address and phone number.

Emails may be sent to: hhownersforum@sbcglobal.net

Please note: HHOF member contact information will only be used to provide owners information about Forum meetings and activities and will not be posted on the forthcoming website or used for any purpose.

Founding Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives
The goals and objectives of the Forum are derived from the Illinois Condominium Property Act (ICPA), the Horizon House Declaration and Bylaws and from the best practices of the condominium property management industry as compiled by the Foundation for Community Association Research
(FCAR – http://www.cairf.org/about/default.aspx).

The numbered goals represent future states to be achieved once the lettered objectives below them have been accomplished. The following goals & objectives are derived directly from the ICPA and the Association Declaration and Bylaws:

1. A Board of Managers that Acts in Compliance with the Condominium Governing Documents of the State of Illinois & the Horizon House Condominium Association

a. Each member of the Horizon House Board of Managers becomes fully
conversant with the Illinois Condominium Property Act (ICPA), the Horizon
House Condominium Declaration and Bylaws and acts in accordance with
their content;

b. All board meetings are open to all owners/members of the Association, and
all votes on any matters shall be taken in meetings open to all members.
This includes all Horizon House meetings and workshops of the Board;
Closed meetings are held to discuss pending litigation against or on
behalf of the Association; information regarding appointment, employment
or dismissal of any employee; or violations of rules and regulations or
delinquent homeowner fee payments or fines. However, while these
discussions are exempted and may be kept private, votes on these matters
shall also be taken in meetings open to all members of the Association;

c. The Board produces minutes of the annual owners’ meeting and at least
three other meetings and detailed minutes of all annual elections, as
required by the governing documents;

d. The Board supports due process and provides the opportunity for owners to
be heard in association-related matters. The Board also encourages the
use of alternative dispute resolution in appropriate matters;

e. The Board makes all records of the Association available for inspection,
examination, and duplication by any member of the Association within 30-
days of the member’s written request for same. This includes the
following documents:

(1) Association’s declaration, bylaws, and plats of survey, and all

(2) Rules and regulations of the Association

(3) Articles of incorporation of the Association and all amendments to these

(4) Minutes of all meetings of the Association and its Board of Managers for
the preceding seven (7) years

(5) Current policies of insurance of the Association

(6) All contracts, leases, and other agreements in effect to which the
Association is a party or under which the Association or the unit owners
have obligations or liabilities

(7) Current listing of the names, addresses, and weighted vote of all
members entitled to vote

(8) All ballots and proxies related to ballots for all matters voted on by
the members of the Association during the immediately preceding 12
months, including but not limited to the election of members of the
Board of Managers

(9) Books and records of account for the Association’s current and 10
immediately preceding fiscal years, including but not limited to
itemized and detailed records of all receipts and expenditures;

f. Election procedures conform to the governing documents and
applicable law. Information on the election process, including
ballots and proxies, is disseminated to all Association members at
least 10-days prior to the election.

2. A Community Association Manager that Acts in Compliance with the ICPA

a. The Property Manager is licensed, certified or holds appropriate
credentials evidencing her/his competence to manage the community;

b. The Community Association Manager/Condominium Property Manager has
a working knowledge of the fundamentals of community association
management, including the Illinois Condominium Property Act, the
Illinois Not-for-Profit Corporation Act, and any other laws
that pertain to community association management;

c. The Community Association Manager/Condominium Property Manager
willingly produces any document, book or record in her/his
possession after a request for same in accordance with an
investigation of a complaint or in response to a unit owner’s

The following goals & objectives are derived from best practices compiled by the Foundation for Community Association Management:

3. A Board of Managers that Employs Best Practices in the Management of the

a. The Board responds in writing to all owners’ written inquiries/
comments/requests within thirty (30) days of the original inquiry,
comment or request;

b. The Board communicates with the owners monthly to provide information
concerning the Association and to get feedback from the owners and
particularly during major building projects such as the façade work;

c. The Board has a mechanism and procedure in place for assuring residents’
obligations to adhere to the governing documents, and a confidential and
safe forum for the resolution of disputes;

d. The Board ensures the ongoing education of all board members and
particularly newly elected members;

e. The membership and meeting schedules of all board committees are posted
on the Association website and on bulletin boards throughout the property
and all interested homeowners are invited to participate in their

4. A Property Manager that Adheres to Best Practices in the Management of
the Association

a. The Property Manager acknowledges all owners’ inquiries/comments/
requests within two business days of receipt, even if it takes longer to
address the concern. The Property Manager also responds to all concerns
raised, rather than providing partial responses;

b. The Property Manager works with the Board to propose a process to
administer owner property damage and personal injury claims and
particularly those involving damage to vehicles in the garage and on the
parking deck;

c. The Property Manager works with the Board to produce and to circulate
to all owners a detailed description and schedule of all events and
processes related to the annual election of board members 30-days in
advance of the election process;

d. The Property Manager works with the Board to produce and to distribute to
all owners a position description for board membership at the beginning
of the election process and circulates to declared candidates a current
listing of the names, addresses, and weighted vote of all members
entitled to vote;

e. The Property Manager invites all candidates for the Board to observe the
counting of all votes on election night;

f. The Property Manager takes responsibility for ensuring the protection of
all owner property during major construction projects or contracted
maintenance on or around the building and conducts daily oversight for
same or delegates that function when she/he cannot be present;

g. The Property Manager treats all owners with respect and courtesy at all

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